Located in the town of Samaniego and under the Sierra de Cantabria is Bodegas BAIGORRI. A glass box perfectly integrated into its environment, which emerges in an emblematic place in the Rioja Alavesa. 


A building that adapts to the existing topography and harmoniously develops its entire program under the surface. A place where you can contemplate how the whole process of winemaking takes place. Bodegas BAIGORRI has been designed and built by the architect Iñaki Aspiazu. Creation directed to the peculiar way of elaboration of our wines and reference of the architecture in the landscape respecting the environment where it is located.



The gravity acquires all the protagonism in our winery, allowing the grapes to arrive whole to the fermentation developing the whole process in a vertical way, being all the movements of grape or wine by gravity, avoiding any type of mechanical lift.There is no reception hopper and no pumps are used to move the grapes or to remount the deposits that could damage it, from the selection tables to the bottling along the different underground floors of the winery, thus optimizing all the phases of the process.The new French oak barrels are responsible for making the aging and give our wines that balanced point of wood and fruit.Giving the wine its maximum expression is our only wish. 


BAIGORRI makes a strong selection in the field of its vineyards. Applies rigorous selection processes fruit of their knowledge and the annual observation of their vineyards. The grapes of our wines come from a sustainable crop, in harmony with nature, from the use of traditional and modern means. They grow in old vines, deeply rooted in our land and our culture, and give us a unique quality. They are harvested by hand and processed in the most delicate way possible, to transform the genuine flavor of that same Nature into wine. The high quality of our wines ultimately emanates from the vineyard itself and is but a true reflection of the soil, climate and tradition of the Rioja Alavesa.



A unique enclave of the Alava Rioja with an incomparable setting for the cultivation of the vine. Only a gigantic glass box is what we see from the outside when we speak of Bodegas BAIGORRI. Surrounded by an immense sea of vineyards overlooking the town of Samaniego and under the Sierra de Cantabria surprises visitors when they enter the building, and after admiring the beauty and the contrast of colors of its surroundings, they discover that under the surface seven plants hide underground where gravity acquires all the protagonism for the development of its unique wines.


With spectacular views of the vineyards and the town of Samaniego is our tasting room, adapted to impart different levels of tasting courses by our winemakers to individuals or professionals.



The glass urn of 400m2, allows our visitors to contemplate the spectacular landscape of Samaniego that surrounds it, thus allowing an absolute relaxation before entering the seven levels of which our winery is composed. Our viewpoint has a capacity for 150 people, ideal to organize catering services and all kinds of events for companies or individuals. 


From the wide viewpoint of our store, the visitor can make a general observation of the interior of the winery and appreciate the different levels of preparation and the access ramps to visit it, where they will perceive a sense of spaciousness and even vertigo. The store offers all our wines in normal or special formats. The wide range of cases and winemaking instruments, designed ad-hoc, give our product an exclusive finish. They can also find articles and books related to the world of wine.


CELLAR Located in the town of Samaniego and under the Sierra de Cantabria is Bodegas BAIGORRI. A glass box perfectly integrated into its...


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