Exclusive natural wines by the Guru of winemaking of Ronda,

Juan Manuel Vetas.


Bodega Vetas

When Juan Manuel Vetas arrived in Ronda, from Medoc in Bordeaux, he arrived with more than just his young family; he brought with him a life time of wine growing experience and a pioneering passion for wine that has made the Ronda wine scene what it is today.


So strong was his dedication to the art of wine production that within a short space of time he became the founding father of what is now known as the Ronda Wine Revival. He brought French grapes to Andalucia, making the region one of Spain’s fastest growing wine producing areas with a distinct history and its own charming character.

Vetas’ vineyards and Spanish-style Chateaux are nestled deep within the rolling fields of Ronda. Surrounded by  olive groves and wheat fields, behind a pair of wrought iron gates sporting two large wine bottle motifs, Vetas’ unassuming home and vineyard is very much like the man himself; modest and stoic, but filled with true Spanish charm

Bodega Vetas


  • Camino Nador Finca El Baco 29350 Arriate (Málaga)