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Wines of the land of Mallorca

After a long life of work and in collaboration with a renowned oenologist, Don Bernat Febrer decided to found the Winery Blanca Terra, producing a quality Mallorcan wine that emerged from the land of his beloved Mallorca.

Selection of the best grape varieties

The choice of the area and the lands was a thoughtful election and the result of the knowledge of years of experience, and of never having left the origins as farmers.

Majorca is a passionate land that welcomes warmly traveller, and that is the reason why in our vineyards own and foreign grapes live together with the same warmth. The result of this pairing has been six excellent Mallorcan wines: Febrer Selecció, FebrerSón RocaSes Planes, Foravila, Arrelat and Passió, all made with our own grapes, cultivated and harvested with all the necessary care and affection to be able to offer a top quality Mallorcan wine.

Visits, tastings and gastronomic experiences

Come and get to know us. The doors of our bodega are open so that you can visit the museum and the bodega and taste our wines. But you can also stop by for a glass of wine, alone or accompanied with something to eat.


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