• Type Wine: Red
  • Alcohol Grade: 14.50º
  • Litrage: 0.750 l.
  • Country: 1
  • Year: 2018
  • Developer: OSTATU


The most airy vineyard. Tempranillo and Graciano from a vineyard of more than 50 years located in the eastern part of Samaniego, as "Montecillo", where the wind has a higher impact. 14 months just aging in the barrel and 20 more polishing in a bottle give us a wine characterized by its freshness and personality. El viñedo más aireado. Tempranillo y graciano procedentes de viñedo de más de 50 años y ubicado en la zona más oriental de Samaniego como "Montecillo”, donde el viento tiene mayor incidencia. 14 meses de crianza en barrica y 20 afinando en botella nos dan un vino caracterizado por su frescura y personalidad.

Respectful agriculture
Aged in wood
Graciano Tempranillo

Name Selección de Ostatu
Type Wine Red
Alcohol Grade 14.50º
Litrage OSTATU l.
Country Spain
Year 0.750


For generations, the members of the Saenz de Samaniego family have been dedicated to viticulture. In fact, there is evidence of our relationship with the vineyards since the sixteenth century, when our ancestors used a winery located in the neighborhood of Matarredo, with underground drafts excavated in the rock.

Our work philosophy is based on respect for the land what provides us with a way to understand wine and life, focused on the pursuit of excellence through the balance between yesterday and today, without waiting for fashions. A transposable philosophy not only to our style of work, or to our winery, but is present in each of our wines. These are the true reflections of our vineyards, the influence exerted by the Rioja Alavesa microclimate and the soils in which they settle. In short, of our "Terroir". Caring for and being part of the landscape, influencing our ecological vision, and sustainability, are our premises today and tomorrow, which make Ostatu a winery with a well known name. A continuous commitment to quality, working with innovation in our viticulture, processing and management.

Our wines differ in two families:



With good judgment, prudent and mature, that's how our wines are. Three young wines (Tinto, Blanco and Rosado), a Crianza, a Reserva and a new Gran Reserva. All of them elaborated according to the tradition that defines the identity, location and character of the vineyard in Samaniego.



 Individuals, different and extraordinary. Selection, Lore, Laderas and Gloria de Ostatu. Wines with their own identity that show us the personality of our most special plots where the particularity of each vintage is the key. Wines from our terroir.

¡ Welcome to our family!

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